Turku University Photography Club

TYOK is a society with long traditions and enthusiastic atmosphere. We welcome everybody interested in photography to join the club! Beginners are as welcome as more advanced photographers.

TYOK provides a darkroom and many kinds of photography equipment, literature and tuition for its members. Courses are held every year on using a camera, black and white film and print developing and other themes that change with the year. TYOK has equipment also for digital image manipulation, and film and print scanning.

Society organises photography trips combining usefulness and fun in Finland and abroad, exhibitions and lectures.

Any questions will be answered if you email them to: tyok-hallitus@lists.utu.fi, or call to Jere Kupari: 050-526 7563. All ideas and suggestions are more than welcome!

If you are interested in joining or finding out more about TYOK, you can visit our office at the Office Days twice per month, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in our darkroom, in the cellar of YO-talo A (Rehtorinpellonkatu 4Α). The Office Hours will be on the first Tuesday and third Thursday of every month.

Membership fee is 5 euros per year, deposit for the darkroom key is 20 euros (15 euros given back when the key is returned). Laboratory usage costs 0,50 euros per hour. The price includes all chemistry for film and print developing.

Current activities

Photo Challenges

We have monthly Photo Challenges. See the days at the Ajankohtaista page. Picture evenings and Challenges are free and open for all. Ask Timo Korkalainen for more information ttkork(at)utu.fi


Bus Exploration means we explore and photograph Turku using 24 hour bus tickets. TYOK will buy the bus tickets for members, others can join the exploration but must buy their own bus tickets (or use a bicycle etc.) Ask Jere Kupari jere.kupari at outlook.com for more information.


The Darkroom course can be arranged in English if needed, contact Ossi Kaila, ossi.kaila at gmail.com

A Photography course might also happen if there is sufficient demand, contact Jere Kupari jere.kupari at outlook.com if you are interested.